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No matter what your situation is we can assist you with mortgage finance

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Purchasing your first home is exciting but without professional assistance, the challenges can seem daunting and overwhelming – liaising with Real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, valuers, insurance and the big one, the mortgage!  Bozinoff Mortgages can help by arranging pre-approved finance so you know how much you can spend.  We will be there through the entire process from placing your offer, selecting a lender and the loan structure.  We will negotiate a sharp interest rate and legal fee contribution.

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next home purchase

Have you outgrown your house, or have your circumstances changed?  Whether you are upsizing or downsizing Bozinoff Mortgages can assist you in arranging the finance and loan structure that best suit your needs.

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Peter Bozinoff has been personally involved in property investment since the age of 19 and has a wealth of knowledge to assist you in your property investment purchase ensuring your loan structure is tax effective.  Whether you are a first time investor or avid property investor we can get you sorted.

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reviewing your existing home loan

Whether you choose to stay at your current bank, or have decided to move to another bank, Bozinoff Mortgages will ensure you get the best overall package every time.

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mortgage insurance

Now that you have secured a mortgage you need to take the steps to ensure that your home is protected even if life throws an unexpected curve ball like illness or death.  Mortgage insurance ensures you and your family are able to stay in your home.

Barbara Braddock assesses clients individual needs and will tailor a package to suit those needs and budget.