Having previously worked for Bozinoff Mortgages, I already knew we were in great hands when we approached Peter to help us secure our first home. I’d seen hundreds of happy clients while working for Peter and knew he was excellent at what he did. However, nothing about our loan was easy and the complexity of our situation meant we weren’t easy clients! Michael and Peter were so generous with their time, answering questions, keeping us up to date with what was happening and giving us thoughtful advice. As first time buyers, we felt supported yet empowered to follow the process through and make necessary decisions. Having a broker is just like having someone else on your team, working and advocating for you. I couldn’t recommend Bozinoff Mortgages enough and we will forever be grateful to them.

Louise K.

I cannot thank the Bozinoff Mortgage team, notably Peter and Kylie, enough!!  They made the process of securing our mortgage simple and stress free.. and we are EXTREMELY happy with the result.

Ashley R.

When I needed financial help to get myself going this man came to the rescue and helped me get my first house all those years ago.
I have not looked back and he continues to be of assistance in my financial life and will be apart of my team. Now I can call him my mentor and friend.  You NEED this man on your side, The BULL DOG of finance,The Closer. Straight up and honest. If he cant get you money. No one can.

Brent W.

Before I used Bozinoff Mortgages, I never used any broker services, I though that was a waste of time and creates an unnecessary "midman" between ourselves and the bank.

I was surprised that Bozinoff Mortgages actually provided me such a good deal, I would really regret it if I didn't approach Bozinoff.  Bozinoff actually got me a deal that covered all my moving costs and legal costs etc. that made the move to my first home so smooth.

More importantly, Bozinoff got me the best deal possible, we are very happy with the mortgage we obtained via Boinoff, and it was worry-free and of course, cost free.



I've used Peter Bozinoff several times now for my mortgages and financing and have and do happily recommend him to others.

He's quick, REALLY knowns his stuff, and will always get you WAY more from the banks than you can yourself!

Lance J
Upper Hutt

Thank you to the Bozinoff team for an amazing effort on my finance.  It was complicated and stressful but they made it simple.  I would definitely recommend them.

Sheryl L